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SMARTPLY OSB: The perfect blend of sustainability and buildability

  • 13.05.2024

SMARTPLY OSB: The perfect blend of sustainability and buildability

Modern construction requires materials that respond to ever growing demands in terms of versatility, sustainability, performance and much more. SMARTPLY, a highly engineered OSB wood-based panel, is one such product that not only meets these requirements but will exceed expectations, making it a smarter choice for specifiers, housebuilders, contractors and clients.

Produced by MEDITE SMARTPLY, market leading manufacturer of sustainable wood-based panels, SMARTPLY offers many desirable qualities. The ideal product for timber frame construction and offsite manufacturing, SMARTPLY OSB is a resilient, durable and sustainable material that can add value throughout the supply chain and support the sector in meeting the Future Homes Standard.

Sourced from sustainably managed and accredited forests, SMARTPLY OSB wood-based panels are manufactured by compressing precisely engineered strands of woods with moisture resistant resins at high temperature to create an incredibly strong and versatile panel. These panels not only store carbon during the growth of trees in MEDITE SMARTPLY's sustainably managed forests1 but also continue to lock it in throughout the manufacturing process and the entire lifespan of the product and the buildings in which they are used. SMARTPLY’s OSB panels are fully certified, UKCA and CE marked, legally sourced and sustainable.

The SMARTPLY range of OSB wood-based panels include OSB/3 and OSB/4 grade solutions that will meet the structural needs of energy-efficient buildings and are suitable for a range of applications such as roofing, flooring and wall sheathing. Two certified airtight products include SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT, a high performance structural OSB panel with integrated vapour control and air barrier properties and SMARTPLY SURE STEP, an innovative lightweight panel with a high-performance and durable coating that is ideal for flooring and roofing. For demanding structural applications, SMARTPLY ULTIMA, a highly engineered OSB/4 panel, delivers strength, rigidity and stability making it suitable for offsite manufacturing, MMC and timber frame construction.

Commenting, Rebecca Goldsmith, Product Manager of MEDITE SMARTPLY said: “SMARTPLY OSB is a hugely versatile, cost effective and sustainable product which is proven for timber frame and low energy construction, as well as non-structural applications. Its structural strength and high load-bearing capacity, moisture resistance and ease of installation, makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.”

SMARTPLY OSB boasts product-specific Type 3 Environmental Product Declaration, an impartial third-party declaration providing peace of mind during the specification process.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, MEDITE SMARTPLY is working towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 through reducing scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. The longer-term aim is to become a net zero manufacturer by 2050, in line with UK, Irish and EU legislation.

“SMARTPLY OSB has one of the lowest embodied carbon of any mainstream building material. This makes it ideal to build with for energy efficient homes – offering a warmer home and a reduction in energy consumption – keeping us on track towards a net zero future,” added Rebecca Goldsmith.