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SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT is a structural OSB panel with integrated vapour control and air barrier properties for use as structural sheathing in timber frame structures.

Airtightness is engineered into the OSB panel substrate, whilst SMARTPLY's in-house speciality surfacing technology provides an integrated vapour barrier with consistently high vapour resistance over the entire surface.

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airtight OSB
Maidenhead Passiv Haus

At a glance

  • Airtight OSB/3 panel
  • For use in low energy and Passivhaus buildings
  • High performance coating
  • Integrated vapour control
  • No added formaldehyde
  • FSC® Certified

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Specification and sizes

SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT meets all the requirements of EN 300 for the production of OSB3 panels and therefore can be installed as any other OSB3 panel.

Panel Size
2397 x 1197mm


SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT is designed for use as internal structural sheathing on the warm side of the insulation in timber frame construction systems.

The integrated vapour control layer and air barrier properties eliminate the need for additional Air and Vapour Control Layout (AVCL) membranes. The coating also provides a smooth durable surface for superior bonding of airtight tape at panel joints. The product is suitable for both new build and renovation projects.

Specifying Airtight OSB CPD

If you are a RIBA Architect and would like to learn more about specifying Airtight OSB, we have experienced technical sales managers that are able to present a CPD at your practice so that you and your team can gain valuable knowledge on the standards required for Passive House and Low Energy Construction.

It will help you to understand the following topics:

- Understand how airtightness is achieved in construction
- Understand airtight product availability
- Understand the requirements for airtight certified OSB
- Understand how vapour control in timber frame buildings is achieved

Case Studies


Passivhaus in Cork uses SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT

The site was in a challenging position, the location was confined with additional restricted access,
Camden Mews

SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT provides energy efficient solution to environmental engineer’s Passivhaus project

Nestled in the fashionable, switched-on London borough of Camden, high-performance Max Fordham House
interior of a passivhaus development

First Passivhaus in Wiltshire achieved with help from MEDITE VENT and SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT

First Passivhaus in Wiltshire achieved with help from MEDITE VENT and SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT

Greener homes: SMARTPLY AIRTIGHT installed at eco-friendly development in popular Cardiff suburb


Proven age tested airtightness tape should be used with AIRTIGHT. The tapes specifications for various construction details are provided in the installation guide with a non-exhaustive list of suppliers. The guide is available on the website.

It is not necessary to tape over the fixings used to install AIRTIGHT providing that the fixings have not been removed and reinserted or predrilled.

AIRTIGHT is 12.5mm in thickness and is not available in other thicknesses. The 12.5mm thickness achieved the required airtightness and so it cannot be made thinner as it would impact the airtightness property, and increased thickness would not provide any further benefit but would add costs.

AIRTIGHT can be used as the only racking panel, installed on the warm side of the insulation and therefore can be used as the only sheathing panel in a wall build-up.

AIRTIGHT is installed on the warm side (usually the internal side) of the construction as the product is also a vapour control layer.


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