Q: What is the average life expectancy of MEDITE EXTERIOR when properly coated and maintained
A: As processing, applications and conditions are outside MEDITE control, no guarantee can be made in respect of the final life expectancy of the product. If usage guidelines are followed for processing, coating, sealing, maintenance and repair EXTERIOR should perform similarly to standard timber and other wood-based panels. Customers that are require longevity should consider using MTX.

Q: Are there any product or storage and handling guidelines
A: Yes. EXTERIOR Usage Guidelines and EXTERIOR Storage & Handling Guidelines are available below.

Q: Are there any recommended coating systems?
A: Yes. Coating systems are available on our website. Only these certified systems can be recommended for MEDITE EXTERIOR. If a customer wants to use a different system, they must take responsibility for its performance. MEDITE EXTERIOR Usage Guidelines must be followed.

Q: Are there any fixing recommendations?
A: Fixings and fasteners must be stainless steel of A2 or A4 (EN 10088-1) quality or AISI type 304 or 316. Best practice must be followed when fixing. Contact MEDITE for further recommendations

Q: What is the difference between MEDITE MR and MEDITE EXTERIOR?
A: MEDITE MR is an interior grade MDF and cannot be used in external applications. MEDITE EXTERIOR is an exterior grade MDF that can be used outdoors and in wet/humid environments using suitable coatings systems.

Q: Are there any adhesives recommendations?
A: D4 class or equivalent adhesives must be used. Best practice and product guidelines must be followed.

Q: Can MEDITE EXTERIOR be used uncoated?
A: No. MEDITE EXTERIOR must be fully coated in line with usage guidelines for any exterior application. Customers should consider using MTX if an uncoated finish is required.

A: No. MEDITE EXTERIOR does not have the same durability and dimensional stability as MTX. Customers that require longevity should consider using MTX.


Q: What tapes should be used with the panel?
A: Proven age tested airtightness tape should be used with PROPASSIV. The tapes specifications for various construction details are provided in the installation guide with a non-exhaustive list of suppliers. The guide is available on the website.

Q: Should fixings used to fix panel be taped over?
A: It is not necessary to tape over the fixings used to install PROPASSIV providing that the fixings have not been removed and reinserted or predrilled.

Q: Is the panel available in other thickness?
A: PROPASSIV is 12.5mm in thickness and is not available in other thicknesses. The 12.5mm thickness achieved the required airtightness and so it cannot be made thinner as it would impact the airtightness property, and increased thickness would not provide any further benefit but would add costs.

Q: Do you have to use PROPASSIV with VENT?
A: PROPASSIV can be used as the only racking panel, installed on the warm side of the insulation and therefore can be used as the only sheathing panel in a wall build-up.

Q: Where does this sit in the wall build up?
A: PROPASSIV is installed on the warm side (usually the internal side) of the construction as the product is also a vapour control layer.

Q: How is the product airtight?
A: PROPASSIV was made airtight by developing a specific and patented OSB recipe which prevents air passage through its thickness unlike standard OSB panels.

Q: What is the green layer?
A: The green layer of PROPASSIV is a UV cured coating providing increased and constant vapour diffusion factor. In addition, it provides a smooth and durable surface for taping the connections. Independent test showed that the taped joint was as airtight and durable as the panel itself.

Q: What is the fire performance of the coating?
A: PROPASSIV was tested to EN 13501-1 and the reaction to fire classification is D,S1,d0.

Q: Is the coating available in paint?
A: No. The coating is UV curable and is used and applied in controlled conditions and environment and cannot be provided in liquid form.

Q: Is the panel available in OSB/4 grade?
A: PROPASSIV is an OSB/3 panel and is not available in OSB/4 grade which would not provide further benefits.

Q: Is the panel waterproof?
A: No. PROPASSIV can be used in humid conditions (service class 2).