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Our Sustainability Goals

Our Route to Becoming an Industry - Leading Sustainable Manufacturer

At MEDITE SMARTPLY, our commitment to sustainability is core to all levels of our business. It’s also key to our ambition to move towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 through scope 1 and 2 emissions. We are making excellent progress in this respect, but acknowledge there remains much work to do. Our longer-term aim is to become a net zero manufacturer by 2050, in line with UK, Irish and EU legislation.

Currently, 95% of energy sourced by MEDITE SMARTPLY across direct operations is renewable. In 2021, MEDITE SMARTPLY secured a guarantee of origin for green electricity which enabled us to confirm our switch to 100% green electricity.

We also intend to work with customers and the supply chain, to support them with their carbon reduction journey, in order to help reduce their emissions and our own. This collaboration will help to promote good practice within the industry, leading to a better understanding of the challenges that the industry faces and ultimately a reduction in carbon impact.

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