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SMARTPLY Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is the versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to plywood. It is manufactured by compressing precisely engineered strands of woods with exterior resins at high temperature to create an incredibly strong and versatile panel. SMARTPLY is made from sustainable, fast-growing timber, as we only use forest thinnings of new-growth pine and spruce, including the tops which are not used to make any other wood-based product.

SMARTPLY produces a wide range of versatile, cost effective and environmentally conscious OSB panels for the market. There are two grades of SMARTPLY: OSB/3 (which includes a flame retardant specialist panel) and OSB/4.

SMARTPLY OSB is manufactured by compressing precisely engineered strands of woods with resins at high temperature to create an incredibly strong and versatile panel. All panels are manufactured in accordance with EN 300 performance standard and are suitable in service class 1 or 2 applications.

The benefits of using SMARTPLY OSB

1. Greater strength

SMARTPLY OSB panels provide greater strength. The wood chips in OSB are cross orientated, so when the strands are stuck together with the no added formaldehyde resin, it has a greater strength and provides more surface cover. Plywood consists of layers of ply stuck together and when those layers are pulled, they are going in one direction.

Due to the cross orientation of the strands in OSB, the weight is more evenly distributed providing greater uniformity across the whole panel.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA OSB/4 panels were used to help transform barns into state-of-the-art homes for a regeneration project in Solihull. Chris Watson, Quantity Surveyor for Nobles Construction found it to be extremely beneficial: “I would definitely recommend using SMARTPLY ULTIMA panels. Not only are they FSC® Certified, but they are also ideal for timber frame and construction projects with large spans,” Chris explains. “We have really felt the benefit of SMARTPLY ULTIMA’s increased strength, high load-bearing capacity, and overall improved rigidity; all pluses for this type of project.”

2. A sustainable solution

SMARTPLY OSB is made from FSC® certified timber from sustainable, fast-growing pine and spruce, which includes the tops that are not used to make any other wood-based product. Because OSB is made of wood chips, the whole tree is used, and nothing is wasted. Producing plywood requires large, slow growing trees, and because layers are stripped off, not all the tree is used.

Also, the SMARTPLY factory is based in Waterford, Ireland, and so builders and contractors in the UK and Ireland can rely on a local supply chain and therefore reduce their embodied carbon.

Garvan de Bruir used SMARTPLY MAX OSB/3 to create unique prototype dwellings designed for sustainable modular building uses in Kildare Ireland. “It was important to me that locally sourced materials were used for the project,” explained Garvan. “I’m based in Kildare, and I like that the MEDITE SMARTPLY factories are relatively close, and that they use timber from sustainably managed forests right here in Ireland.”

3. Stronger, healthier alternative

The entire SMARTPLY OSB range has been manufactured using no added formaldehyde, which keeps with the current construction methods of working towards healthier environments.

Additionally, SMARTPLY OSB panels have no structural defects such as knotholes and core voids and is simple to work with. It cuts easily and will not delaminate, giving consistent results.

Inside the SMARTPLY Factory


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  • Tongue and groove OSB/3 panel
  • High performance and durable coating on one face
  • Improved slip resistant panel
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Ideal for flooring or roof decking
  • Can be exposed for up to 45 days without degradation