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To be a consistently innovative market leader for 30 years requires people with rare vision, commitment and enthusiasm. It also requires people who are constantly attuned to the changing needs of their customers. This results in a world-leading series of new products, European sales team and network of distributors whose knowledge is second to none in the industry. To apply for one of our open vacancies, please submit your CV to the relevant email address detailed in the vacancy advertised.

Please note we no longer accept unsolicited CVs or speculative job applications. All job applications should therefore be in reference to an advertised vacancy.

Business Analyst

Location: Dartford, UK

This role is to help analyse and co-ordinate order book, financial, margin and price and customer data. This is a supporting role to help determine policy or tactical changes that improve the business' functions, actions and profitability.

This role directly supports the SMT and acts as a facilitator between the commercial organisation and the financial and operational functions. This is a proactive and responsive function that will support the senior sales and executive teams’ through-out the business.

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Product Manager - MEDITE

Location: Dartford, UK

This role focuses on Product, Price and Place from the traditional marketing mix. It is important to the continuing development of our VA strategy. It will provide general product management, product positioning, life cycle optimisation as well as market insight and analysis. A key influencer in pricing policies and focussed on profit line profitability to maximise both revenue and margin across MEDITE MDF. This role will also drive the escalation strategy around MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME.

Understanding existing markets and identifying new ones is necessary and essential to drive product development and innovation. A close working relationship with both sales teams as well as R&D teams will form part of this role.

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