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SMARTPLY SURE STEP is an airtight, tongue and groove OSB/3 panel with a high-performance and durable coating. Using SURE STEP as an air tight layer for flooring or decking can contribute to sustainable building practices as well as reduce the energy consumption for heating, whilst the unique coating brings improved durability during the construction phase and slip resistance to the panel in all site conditions.

sure step
sure step

At a glance

  • Tongue and groove OSB/3 panel
  • High performance and durable coating on one face
  • Improved slip resistant panel
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Ideal for flooring or roof decking
  • Can be exposed for up to 45 days without degradation

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Specification and sizes

Others sizes available on request and may be subject to minimum order quantities.

Panel Size
2397 x 1200mm T&G2
18mm, 22mm


Manufactured in accordance with EN 300 SMARTPLY SURE STEP is a load bearing panel ideal for use as flooring or roof decking where improved durability, temporary protection, reduced edge swelling or reduced surface degradation are required on projects.

To aid with installation of SMARTPLY SURE STEP as part of the airtightness layer of low energy and passive buildings, we have created a series of videos which show you how to use SURE STEP in a variety of systems. You can also download the file below for step by step instructions.



Peel clean panels have a plastic layer applied on the surface of the panel that can be removed while protected panels such as SMARTPLY SURE STEP have a permanent high-performance layer (coating, laminate…) that is permanently applied on the surface. In certain conditions (frost, rain…) peel clean panels can be high slip risk surface.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is only manufactured in a grey colour.

To fully benefit from the properties of SMARTPLY SURE STEP a specialist construction tape is recommended to seal the joints between panels. Most of these tapes are waterproof high-performance polyethylene-coated cloth tape and should ensure that panel joints are fully sealed.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is manufactured from OSB/3 panels.

OSB panels are usually less dense than chipboard alternative and therefore will usually have lower sound dampening properties.


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