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As processing, applications and conditions are outside MEDITE control, no guarantee can be made in respect of the final life expectancy of the product. If usage guidelines are followed for processing, coating, sealing, maintenance and repair EXTERIOR should perform similarly to standard timber and other wood-based panels. Customers that require longevity should consider using MTX.

Yes. EXTERIOR Usage Guidelines and EXTERIOR Storage & Handling Guidelines are available below.

D4 class or equivalent adhesives must be used. Best practice and product guidelines must be followed.

No. MEDITE EXTERIOR must be fully coated in line with usage guidelines for any exterior application. Customers should consider using MTX if an uncoated finish is required.

No. MEDITE EXTERIOR does not have the same durability and dimensional stability as MTX. Customers that require longevity should consider using MTX.

MEDITE MR is a moisture resistant MDF which can be used in interior humid conditions such as kitchens and bathrooms. MEDITE MR should not be used in external environments. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME and MEDITE EXTERIOR are exterior grade MDF products that can be used in exterior wet/humid conditions.