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PATTRESS PLUS is manufactured from SMARTPLY MAX (OSB/3) panels and can be used in humid conditions (service class 2) and retain its integrity and structural performance.

PATTRESS PLUS was tested to BS 5234-1, so as part of a partition and installed as per our guidelines, for pull out and pull through performance for various fixings and cabinet/basin fixing the safe working loads are provided in the datasheet. There is no available data for plywood when used in this application.

PATTRESS PLUS is manufactured from SMARTPLY MAX (OSB/3) panels in accordance to EN 300 and provide consistent properties. SMARTPLY MAX panels are load bearing panels, FSC certified and CE marked.

Detailed steps for installation are provided in the datasheet.


YES. PATTRESS PLUS can be installed by one person only.

PATTRESS PLUS saves time as it is pre-cut and pre-grooved to fit partitions studs at 400 or 600mm centres. Avoiding the need to cut and groove blank wood-based panels. It also allows to install a backing panel only where required.

NO. the L-section can be purchased in addition to the C-section from the light gauge partition material supplier.

The dimensions and location of the groove is the same for all thicknesses. The groove starts 27mm from the long edge of the panel, the groove is 10mm wide and 6mm deep and runs the whole length of the panel.