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SITE PROTECT is coated on 1 side of the panel only, while SITE PROTECT PLUS is coated on both sides of the panel.

SITE PROTECT back surface is not painted to allow quicker drying of the panel in the case of water ingress.

Providing that SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is installed and maintained as per our recommendations (installation guidelines can be downloaded from our website) and industry best practices it has been shown to be a viable substitute to exterior graded alternative wood-based products. When all recommendations are followed and sound work practices applied, in our customer’s and our experience we have seen adequate hoarding coating performance for up to 12 to 18 months.


YES. The panel is primed only and require the finishing coats for optimum use.

For water-based paint it is recommended to check the paint compatibility and adhesion on SITE PROTECT before use.

It is recommended to follow the paint manufacturer recommendation. Optimum performance was achieved with at least 2 coats of paints on the surfaces and edges.

It is not recommended to use SITE PROTECT without finishing the product as it could lead to quick degradation of the coated surface and panel swelling.

SITE PROTECT is available in 18mm and 16mm. 16mm SITE PROTECT can be used if lower applied loads are expected on the hoarding.