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SMARTPLY STRONGDECK is a thinner and lighter panel than chipboard alternatives, however due to the superior resistance of OSB/4 compared to chipboard similar load bearing capacity are achieved. It also measures 675mm in width meaning that fewer panels are required to install on a floor.

STRONGDECK datasheet provides uniformly distributed and point loads performance of the panel. The panel can support similar applied loads to most 38mm chipboard alternatives. Also, compared to P6 panels STRONGDECK can be installed in humid (service class 2) conditions.

NO. STRONGDCEK is lower density than most P6 panels and 8mm thinner making each panel lighter than most Chipboard alternatives.

Most floor coverings can be used on STRONGDECK. For wet applied coverings it is recommended to check compatibility with STRONGDECK on a small surface before the whole surface is treated. STRONGDECK is a sanded panel to help create a smooth finished surface even at the T&G joints.

STRONGDECK packs are provided with detailed installation guidelines (also available on the website), these should be followed while installing STRONGDECK for the best use of the panels.

STRONGDECK is available in 2400*675mm TG2.

Detailed load bearing capacity and structural properties are provided in the datasheet. It is designed for applications requiring resistance to high loads.

NO. STRONGDECK is an OSB/4 panel and can be used in service class 2 conditions and should not be used in exterior conditions.