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SMARTPLY ULTIMA can be used in all heavy-duty load bearing applications in service class 2 conditions. Due to the increased strength and rigidity it is an ideal panel for use when higher than standard loads are expected such as flooring or roofing. It is also a panel of choice where increased moisture resistance and reduced panel swelling is required.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA is an OSB/4 grade panel where SMARTPLY MAX is an OSB/3. Panels meeting OSB/4 requirements of EN 300 achieve higher strength and rigidity, but also higher durability and reduced thickness swell due to moisture or water.

To achieve higher strength, rigidity and reduced thickness swell an increased dosage of formaldehyde-free resin and wax is used to make OSB/4 compared to OSB/3.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA can be used in similar applications to plywood but is more uniform and consistent. It is a truly engineered wood-based panel that consists of many strands throughout the thickness of the panel, so its characteristics are averaged out over many more “layers” than plywood giving it more consistency.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA panels can withstand short periods of temporary wetting during construction, although such exposure must be minimised as much as possible, temporary protection is recommended. Water must never be allowed to pool on the surface of panels, particularly at panel edges and T&G joints. If SMARTPLY ULTIMA panels have been exposed to water, it is recommended to allow the panel to dry to the final expected moisture content before installing any permanent floor permanent covering to avoid any moisture degradation of the panels.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA can be used and installed using the standard tools and equipment for wood working.