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chelsea flower show

MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future garden

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The MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022 (show garden 320) is featured on main avenue. Designed by Sarah Eberle, supported by Alex and Emma Devereux and sponsored by MEDITE SMARTPLY, the garden is a celebration of our commitment to sustainability, longevity and wellness; for people and the planet.

We hope you enjoyed looking around our garden, below you will find more information on the story behind it and links to our partners.

The garden is the ultimate demonstration of building with timber, showcasing the versatility of the product throughout its lifecycle. Featuring younger trees through to fully grown spruce that can be found in the nurseries of MEDITE SMARTPLY in Southern Ireland, surrounded by flora and fauna native to similar forests in the region. The garden embodies calmness and shows visitors the environment that timber can create from its rawest form through to manufactured panels.

The centrepiece of the garden is inspired by natural vertical rock strata, such as those seen in the cliffs of Devon and Cornwall, which show a cross section of millions of years of plate movements and development. The structure is completely made of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) a remarkable exterior MDF panel that can last for 50 years outside, which can be used in place of metals or plastics in order to create breath-taking builds. The slanted cliff face demonstrates MTX throughout its life cycle showing the versatility of wooden panels and how they can embody the most creative of imaginations. Fissures between the strata are planted with foliage that can often be found on the floors of the forests across Ireland.

Surrounding the centrepiece and pool are plants such as Pinus Sylvestris to evoke the coniferous forest where MEDITE SMARTPLY panels start their journey. Populus tremula, a fast growing timber tree, is planted in a linear manner echoing the managed forests of Coillte Group, our parent company.

Plant List

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The combination of native, exotic and rare forest planting includes species which are intrinsic to countering climate change. Download the full list below to find out more.

About Us

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MEDITE SMARTPLY is a market leading, responsible manufacturer of sustainable timber construction panels. As part of the Coillte Group, we pride ourselves on our sustainable supply chain and manufacturing processes, meaning our products are as environmentally conscious in their make up as they are in their application.

Our MEDITE MDF and SMARTPLY OSB range of products provide housebuilders, architects, contractors, carpenters and specifiers with sustainable and innovative panels for their projects.

Introducing our Garden Designer - Sarah Eberle

Visiting the Coillte forests and Alex and Emma Devereux


sarah eberle

Garden Designer - Sarah Eberle

Sarah Eberle is a passionate landscape architect and garden designer with an honorary PhD in Design from Greenwich University. She was made an honorary Fellow of the Landscape Institute in 2021 in recognition of her outstanding work in greenspace, green infrastructure and conservation and is also a Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers.

Working predominantly on the design of private spaces and gardens Sarah is also a keen RHS show exhibitor, winning RHS Chelsea ‘Best in Show’ in 2007,’ Best Artisan Garden’ in 2016,’ Best Show Garden Construction’ in 2019, ‘Best Sanctuary Garden’ and ‘Best Sanctuary Garden Construction’ in 2021. Sarah has been awarded gold medals in more categories than any other designer at RHS Chelsea and has 19 gold’s in total.


Sculptor - Alex and Emma Devereux

With a huge range of impressive art projects under their belt, Alex and Emma Devereux were the perfect choice when it came to selecting the team to bring Sarah Eberle's vision of breathtaking cliffs to life. Their experience with MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME and the realistic effects that they have applied to it have allowed them to push the boundaries of this incredible garden design. Previous work has included creating huge industrial railway installations which look like they're made from iron and steel, but is actually the innovative MTX.


Plants and Nursery - Jekka's

Jekka's aims to inspire people to sustainably grow and use herbs in their everyday living, as well as providing them with the knowledge about the power of herbs.

Over the last three decades Jekka’s has evolved from supplying garden centres to an online mail order business and from 2013, created Jekka's Herbetum and school offering master classes and tours.


Garden Construction - Landform Consultants

Landform creates high quality landscapes, gardens and spaces. They offer a range of specialist services in design, hard & soft landscaping and maintenance. They work closely with clients, agents, leading garden designers and architects to ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout the construction and planting stages, and beyond with maintenance care to achieve a garden's true excellence.


Plant Supplier - Kelways

Small specialist producer of show quality plants


Special thanks to Grundon for the supply of the self binding gravel used throughout the gardens pathways.



MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) is a groundbreaking construction material.

The panel exhibits outstanding durability and dimensional stability which allows it to be used in applications once limited to products such as concrete, plastics or metals. With the added benefits of light weight, sustainable raw materials and a guarantee of up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground, these groundbreaking panels provide specifiers and designers with an entirely new construction material, allowing great design flexibility and endless opportunities for creativity.

MTX has been used for a wide range of outdoor applications, including; planters, built in seating, outdoor kitchens, decorative fencing and panelling.


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