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OSB panels are usually less dense than chipboard alternative and therefore will usually have lower sound dampening properties.

Peel clean panels have a plastic layer applied on the surface of the panel that can be removed while protected panels such as SMARTPLY SURE STEP have a permanent high-performance layer (coating, laminate…) that is permanently applied on the surface. In certain conditions (frost, rain…) peel clean panels can be high slip risk surface.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is only manufactured in a grey colour.

To fully benefit from the properties of SMARTPLY SURE STEP a specialist construction tape is recommended to seal the joints between panels. Most of these tapes are waterproof high-performance polyethylene-coated cloth tape and should ensure that panel joints are fully sealed.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is available in Tongue and Groove panels only to ensure that the full performance of SMARTPLY OSB panels when used in flooring or decking.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is an OSB/3 panel. OSB/3 products have higher inherent structural properties than the corresponding chipboard panel (P5) and therefore for similar joists spacings in flooring applications OSB/3 panels can be thinner and provide similar structural performance.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP has been independently tested for durability performance. Results of standing water tests showed that when subjected to still water for up to 42 days only minor damage with cracking of the coating was observed. When installed as per SMARTPLY recommendations and best practices it is expected that SMARTPLY SURE STEP can be exposed for up to 42 days and show only minor and inconsequential deformation of the panel surface.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is manufactured from OSB/3 panels.