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Why MEDITE PREMIER is perfect for furniture projects

  • 29.02.2024-
  • Rebecca Goldsmith
MDF shop fit out

Are you looking to upgrade your furniture projects? Medium density fibreboard (MDF) is a great option as it’s an exceptionally versatile product. It can be used to make furniture, cabinetry, panelling and can even be laminated for decorative purposes in flooring.

What makes MDF great for furniture?

MDF offers furniture makers and carpenters a host of benefits, which include: a smooth finish, excellent machinability, strength and consistency. Wood fibres are used to make the panels which are pressed with resin to make a homogeneous panel – making it easier to machine – and therefore allowing greater flexibility and creativity.

As part of the range, 3mm-6mm MDF is mainly used in basic furniture applications such as backings for wardrobes, chest of drawers and shelving. MDF is also now also a popular choice for wall panelling, usually seen in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, thanks to its smooth and even surface making it easier to apply paint on to it.


If you’re looking for high quality MDF, then MEDITE PREMIER is an excellent choice. MEDITE PREMIER is a multi-purpose MDF, produced using superior wood refining technology and specially designed resins. Its smooth surface and excellent machining properties makes it suitable for the thinnest laminates and surface coatings.

End users can enjoy consistency of quality and thickness, as well as reduced tool wear. This ensures that the most sophisticated finishing and processing techniques can be completed – offering great design freedom. MEDITE PREMIER is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses including 3mm-6mm, which is the perfect thickness for use in furniture applications.

“MEDITE PREMIER is an excellent product for furniture projects, from creating backings for television units and wardrobes, to making higher end bespoke furnishings,” says Rebecca Goldsmith, Product Manager at MEDITE SMARTPLY. “It’s also a popular choice for wall panelling because its consistent, smooth surface makes it easy to apply paint and even apply the thinnest of laminates so a high quality finish can be easily achieved.

“We’ve also seen examples of the product being used to make small cupboards and drawers in caravans, and even a project where the user made photo frames from the panel. It’s a truly versatile product.”

Want to know more? Learn about the benefits of MDF in furniture applications or get in touch with someone in your local area today!