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MEDITE VENT is a high performance breathable sheathing panel suitable for use in all types of timber frame structures.

Combining high racking strength in excess of Category 1 requirements, with high vapour permeability and weather resistance, it is the perfect choice for the outer sheathing layer in ‘diffusion open’ breathable timber frame walls.
Breathable MDF
breathable MDF construction
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At a glance

  • Breathable MDF
  • Perfect for use in Passivhaus buildings
  • Works well with SMARTPLY PROPASSIV
  • Smooth surface
  • Consistent quality and thickness
  • FSC® certified
  • CARB2 compliant

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Specification and sizes

MEDITE VENT MDF is a high performance breathable external sheathing panel suitable for use in all types of timber frame structures. Combining high racking strength in excess of Category 1 requirements, with excellent vapour permeability and high weather resistance. MEDITE VENT is an ideal choice for the outer layer in ‘diffusion open’ wall and roofing applications.

Other dimensions available on request.
Panel Size
1197 x 2397mm


MEDITE VENT is a breathable sheathing panel suited to diffusion open systems with a very low water vapour diffusion factor to prevent condensation. It has zero added formaldehyde, contributing to healthy environments.


Nee. SMARTPLY PROPASSIV is een gecertificeerd luchtdicht product. MEDITE VENT is niet luchtdicht.

NO. MEDITE VENT can be used as the only sheathing panel in as it is a racking panel tested to EN 594. It is a breathable panel suitable for use in service class 2 conditions.

MEDITE VENT is not an airtight panel and so will let air flow go through.

In cold temperate climates in Europe MEDITE VENT should be installed on the external side of the wall build up to allow water vapour to escape to the outside and avoid condensation in the insulation and structure.

NO. MEDITE VENT is a panel that can be used in humid (service class 2) conditions.

MEDITE VENT is produced to a lower density than most standard MDF to provide lower vapour resistance while maintaining sufficient strength as a racking panel.

As with all wood-based panels for use in humid conditions wetting should be avoided. If the panel is wetted during installation it is recommended to allow the panel to dry before the permanent covering is installed.

YES. The certified passive house wall systems are certified with SMARTPLY PROPASSIV and MEDITE VENT included. All other wall and roof elements are generic, with only the minimum thermal performance as a requirement.

MEDITE VENT was not designed as a roof sarking panel. If used in roofing applications noggins are required to support all edges (no T&G option available) and standard roofing recommendations (fixings, expansion gaps…) should be followed. MEDITE VENT is only manufactured in 12mm thickness, if used in roofing applications spacing between supports and load bearing requirements should be checked before use.


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