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Designing and fitting out kitchens with MEDITE SMARTPLY

  • 12.11.2020-
  • Tim Price
Kitchen cabinetry

When it comes to kitchen design, there is a lot to consider beyond the layout and décor. As well as configuring the right amount of space and the correct position of appliances, careful thought must go into choosing the most appropriate materials for cabinetry, storage and surfaces.

Similar to bathrooms, the average kitchen is prone to humidity and higher moisture levels as a result of everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning. Over time, exposure to humidity can cause damage to kitchen units made from standard MDF with no added moisture resistance.

MEDITE SMARTPLY is continuously developing new, high performance panel products that aim to solve everyday problems for designers and architects by providing versatile solutions that rise to any challenge and provide greater design freedom. MEDITE MDF boards feature no knots or inconsistences, which makes them a suitable alternative to plywood that allows a fabricator to achieve a smooth, uniform finish across all creations.

Infinitus Bespoke Interiors recently chose a combination of MEDITE MR moisture resistant MDF and MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME water resistant MDF for an opulent art-deco-inspired fit out of a luxury kitchen and bar area to fantastic results.

For this project, MEDITE MR and MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME where efficiently cut by CNC router for perfect edges and a seamless finish, allowing for greater design flexibility. The dense, flat boards allowed for perfect joins, an even application of high gloss paint, and the overall image of high quality.

MEDITE MR is specially designed to withstand indoor humid conditions in accordance with MDF.H (Option 1) as defined in EN 622-5, and is an ideal substitute for softwoods or hardwoods where more flexibility is needed.

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is specially formulated to withstand high moisture both indoors and outdoors and is guaranteed for up to 50 years above ground. An extremely versatile, technically specialised MDF board, it can be used in a host of environments, even those where previously only metals or plastic could be used.

Fundamentally, all our products are manufactured with FSC® certified timber from our own sustainably managed forests, which means it is also healthier for the planet.

To find out more about MEDITE SMARTPLY’s extensive range of MDF products and what they can do for your fit out project, click here: