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No-hassle site hoarding: Save time and effort with SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT

  • 22.07.2020-
  • Tim Price
SITEPROTECT being installed by 2 people at Bath Racecourse

As the construction industry adapts to the new government guidelines post lockdown, the importance of time-saving building products has become paramount.

After the UK construction industry’s hiatus this year during the recent coronavirus lockdown, the pressure is on to be as productive as possible—while respecting government guidelines on stopping the spread of coronavirus.

In any construction project, one of the essential requirements is reliable site hoarding that demarcates the area under construction, offering both security and an aesthetic cover while the project is completed. Before this goes up, nothing can progress.

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT, the specially manufactured site hoarding panel is purposely developed for a quick installation and proven a durable perimeter, making it the ideal product for getting your site up and running as efficiently as possible.

Save time and effort

Made from structurally sound OSB3, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is unique in that it comes pre-primed in a heavy-duty grey primer, saving you hours in time and energy that may otherwise be spent laboriously priming the surface.

This pre-prepared hoarding system is ideal for when fewer workers are able to be onsite, allowing hoarding contractors to better adhere to current government guidelines on maintaining safe distances at work. Safety signage and branding are also better able to be displayed on the smooth, uniform surface that may otherwise be difficult to obtain by painting on-site.

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT can be manufactured up to three metres high and won’t bend, break or allow your site to become easily accessed by unauthorised people. Finally, it’s available in thicknesses of 18mm and 16mm, for a lighter and even easier to install option.

For more details on SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT click here.

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