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What is the best paint to use on SITEPROTECT panels?

  • 02.02.2021-
  • Tim Price

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Site Hoarding

Construction companies and site managers are required to ensure that both employees and the public are safe from construction work hazards as stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Site hoarding is one way in which they can do this.

Not only does it shield construction workers on site from outside debris, it also protects the public from any construction hazards. However, it’s not just the health and safety aspect that comes into play. Site hoarding also provides you with an opportunity to promote your company and show off your brand’s colours.


SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT and SITEPROTECT PLUS are highly engineered, coated OSB/3 boards, specially developed as a site hoarding solution. SITEPROTECT and SITEPOTECT PLUS are structurally sound and consistent throughout, therefore, the panels won’t bend or break, or contain any weak points. Both can be manufactured up to three metres high, and boast a smooth and flat surface, perfect for signage, branding and demonstrating a sleek, professional look.

The SMARTPLY MAX substrate has been coated with a smooth, heavy-duty, exterior cross-linked polymer primer, which means you just have to apply a topcoat to the face and edges in a colour and design of your choosing to be done. SITEPROTECT PLUS has the additional benefit of been primed on both faces.

What paint should you use?

It is highly recommended to apply two liberal coats of a quality, exterior-grade oil or solvent based gloss paint to the panels. Oil based paints are more durable than water based ones, especially outdoors and often has a stronger, smoother finish which makes it a great choice for exterior wood panels.

Oil based paints take longer to dry than water-based paints. However, they do have the advantage of being usable in lower temperatures. Therefore, you should allow sufficient drying time in between coats.

It is recommended that the panels are painted indoors in dry conditions prior to installation, followed by a finish coat on site to obtain the best results.

No matter what colour you choose, make your choice of hoarding SITEPROTECT. Let’s do the right thing!