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  • 12.07.2023-
  • Rebecca Goldsmith

The Building Safety Act, which became law in England last year, brings with it a range of regulatory changes aimed at enhancing building safety. One key aspect of compliance with the Act is the requirement for digital information exchange, a factor that is expected to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies, particularly Building Information Modeling (BIM).

In this blog post, we will explore how MEDITE SMARTPLY, a leading producer of engineered wood-based panels, has partnered with NBS (National Building Specification), and how their collaboration aligns with the Building Safety Act. We will also introduce the range of MEDITE SMARTPLY's OSB products, showcasing their relevance in enhancing building safety and compliance.

Empowering Compliance with MEDITE SMARTPLY:

MEDITE SMARTPLY, a proactive manufacturer of sustainable MDF and OSB panels, has taken a significant step towards ensuring building safety and compliance with the Building Safety Act. By offering easy access to comprehensive product information and seamless integration into specifications, MEDITE SMARTPLY empowers specifiers to make informed decisions. This collaboration streamlines the specification process while contributing to the overall safety and integrity of buildings. Construction professionals can confidently select and incorporate top-quality engineered wood-based materials that meet the highest safety standards.

Traceability is a critical aspect of MEDITE SMARTPLY's certification, performance, quality control, and sourcing processes. It ensures transparency and accountability by tracking materials from their origin to the final product. This commitment to traceability allows professionals to have confidence in the safety and integrity of their projects and make informed decisions when selecting high-quality engineered wood-based materials.

Introducing SMARTPLY OSB Products: Enhancing Building Safety and Compliance:

In addition to the collaboration between MEDITE SMARTPLY and NBS Source, it's essential to highlight some of the exceptional SMARTPLY OSB products offered by MEDITE SMARTPLY and how they perfectly align with the goal of ensuring building safety and compliance with the Building Safety Act.


SMARTPLY ULTIMA is a premium OSB/4 panel that offers outstanding strength, durability, and stability. It is engineered to provide excellent performance in various structural applications, making it an ideal choice for ensuring the safety and integrity of buildings. With its high-quality construction and exceptional dimensional stability, SMARTPLY ULTIMA exceeds industry standards.


SMARTPLY MAX FR B is a premium quality, flame retardant OSB/3 panel that offers exceptional strength, stiffness, and enhanced fire protection. It is designed to meet the stringent fire safety regulations, making it an ideal choice for applications where fire protection is crucial. With its superior core construction and flame retardant properties, SMARTPLY MAX FR B ensures the structural integrity and safety of buildings.


SMARTPLY PROPASSIV is a highly energy-efficient OSB/3 panel designed specifically for use in low-energy and passive buildings. It incorporates a unique airtightness solution, reducing thermal bridging and ensuring optimum energy efficiency. With SMARTPLY PROPASSIV, buildings can achieve high levels of thermal performance.

BIM as a Digital Solution:

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is already widely used for digitally sharing design, construction, and operational data. Managing the Golden Thread information digitally through BIM enables the capture and continuous updating of essential information throughout a building's lifecycle, ensuring the safety of both the structure and its occupants.

Benefits of BIM Adoption:

The implementation of BIM, driven by the Building Safety Act, has benefits beyond building safety. It improves the overall management of project information, enhances decision-making processes, and facilitates communication and collaboration during design and construction. This leads to improved coordination, reduced risks and costs, and enhanced efficiency throughout the construction industry.


The Building Safety Act is a catalyst for the adoption of digital technologies, particularly Building Information Modeling (BIM), in the construction industry. Through its collaboration with MEDITE SMARTPLY, NBS Source provides a valuable platform for accessing and integrating high-quality wood-based materials that meet the rigorous safety standards outlined in the Act. By embracing BIM, construction professionals can not only ensure compliance with building safety regulations but also enhance the overall quality and efficiency of their projects. For more information and to access MEDITE SMARTPLY BIM Objects, visit the NBS National BIM Library