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Environmental Reform

Environmental Reform

Rearo Laminates has switched to using MEDITE MDF to improve its environmental performance and to help prevent supply chain issues in the manufacture of its bathroom and kitchen surface products.

The Glasgow-based producer of high-pressure laminate wall panels and worktops has significantly reduced its carbon footprint by sourcing both MEDITE EXTERIOR and MEDITE MR MDF panels from MEDITE's Clonmel production facility in Ireland, rather than sourcing panel products from Russia.

The switch in panel suppliers was partly in response to pressure from Rearo Laminate's fast-food industry customers, many of whom are working towards a carbon-neutral deadline of 2030; and partly as a result of sanctions and logistical issues following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"We were aware from the Covid pandemic that there were risks involved in maintaining long international supply chains, but the war in Ukraine has forced us to act," said Daniel Danso, Rearo Laminate's support services manager.

"By switching our main supplier from Russia to Ireland we have minimised our exposure to risk, cut down on carbon emissions and reduced our transport costs massively," Danso added.

Following the success of the arrangement, Rearo Laminates has agreed an ongoing contract for the supply of MEDITE MDF products for use in its Tradeline and Selkie waterproof shower panel ranges.

Danso said: "MEDITE SMARTPLY is an exceptionally resource-efficient company. All its materials are FSC certified; its principal raw materials are wood residues, sawmill co-products and pulpwood from managed forests.

Rearo Laminates now imports 3,600 MEDITE MDF panels every month.


MEDITE MR is a moisture resistant MDF panel , designed for interior applications where high levels of humidity are likely to be present, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. It is an ideal substitute for softwoods and hardwoods where high levels of machining flexibility are needed.


MEDITE EXTERIOR is an exterior grade MDF panel with a smooth surface for use both externally and internally in wet and humid environments. Its durability makes it suitable as a substitute for softwood, hardwood, plywood, plastic, and metal in a wide range of non-stressed applications. It is available in a variety of panel sizes and thicknesses.

About Rearo Laminates

Rearo Laminates is a Glasgow-based company specialising in the manufacture and supply of high quality bathroom and kitchen surfaces for UK trade and retail markets.

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