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Case Studies

MEDITE MR utilised for Exhibition Plinths


As the UK’s premier plinth maker, Exhibition Plinths’ products are supplied to museums, exhibitions, retail, television, galleries, artists, photoshoots and sporting events.

As well as a standard range of white matt or satin-sprayed exhibition art plinths, the company can also provide custom-made products too, meeting specific size and colour requirements. The plinths are available for purchase or hire.

The Solution

Having started work with MEDITE back in 2008, Exhibition Plinths now regularly uses MEDITE MR in the 12mm option. Produced using superior wood refining technology and specially designed resins, MEDITE MR MDF features excellent face properties making it suitable for application of the thinnest laminates and surface coatings.

The Results

For manufacturers such as Exhibition Plinths, consistency of quality and thickness, as well as reduced tool wear are also important factors. The material has weight advantages too, making it even more flexible for a range of installation and temporary design possibilities.

CPP Exhibition Plinths

Client Comments

We are extremely pleased with the MEDITE MR MDF product. When spraying it gives a great surface to start from, is incredibly flat and shows very little, if any, surface texture.

When machining we create a lot of lock mitre joints and for this purpose MEDITE is the best. It machines beautifully and even at the core of the MDF it is strong, giving a clean-cut lock mitre joint. I have tried other manufacturers but nothing matches the core board strength that MEDITE MDF offers.

- Richard Williams, Exhibition Plinths