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Case Studies

Exposed SMARTPLY MAX OSB bring design-led interior commercial space to life

Exposed OSB

When design-driven beauty company SLG wanted to bring an unexpected new aesthetic to their newly acquired working space in The Brewery Quarter, Cheltenham, they called on the expertise of interior design company Modus.

Ever thinking outside the box to bring brand new trends to the forefront, Modus specified exposed OSB for the floors and a seating area, in the form of SMARTPLY MAX (OSB/3).

SLG has previously worked with clothing label Superdry, YouTube star Zoella, and pop group Little Mix. Having such big names listed in their portfolio, SLG has always been looking for ways to innovate and keep up with their brand’s image.

Their move to the 27,000 sq. ft premises of The Brewery Quarter, inside Studio 19 was part of this strategy. The beautiful workspace sits opposite the likes of up-market restaurant The Botanist and above Urban Outfitters, in the heart of the city's retail centre.

Modus specified SMARTPLY MAX, manufactured by MEDITE SMARTPLY, to create an OSB ‘highway’ through Studio 19, meant to work as the main circulation route connecting the space from east to west. Intending to further connect the design through the use of materials, Vidhi Sharma, Creative Director, and Peter Chang, Design Technician on the project, chose to repeat this finish for a set of bleacher seats and a red cargo container displaying SLG’s products.

Vidhi and Peter explained: “The objective was to create a space that felt like paradise. A space where individuals would feel proud and willing to go to every day.”

One of the benefits of using SMARTPLY MAX for the floors is that it allowed an expansion gap that was part of the base build floor to be bridged seamlessly, incorporating the design. The OSB freeway infers an ‘urban, street culture vibe’, reminiscent of skate parks and urban recreation areas. Modus even opted to include customised SLG skateboards as wall art to further demonstrate this style.

The otherwise raw concrete space offered up design opportunities such as turning a vast concrete wall jutting out into the space into a media wall on one side and secret hideaway on the other, named “The Pavilion.”

The client’s vision included keeping the floor raw and industrial. “We kept the SMARTPLY MAX panels exactly as they arrived for most applications, with the small addition of clear sealant, except where we painted it black to make a statement in certain areas.” Vidhi and Peter said.

“Flooring was screwed down directly onto fixed raised floor tiles. The formation of the bleachers and wall cladding also uses a subframe.”

Altogether, Modus used approximately 110m² of SMARTPLY MAX panels for the floor, while the bleachers incorporated roughly 115m². The cutting of sheets for the curved floor had to be carefully managed, as to not have too much wastage. The installation was handled by Medi–Floor and Profile Interiors.

SMARTPLY MAX is the versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to plywood. It is suitable for use in structural and non-structural construction uses, as well as many other non-construction applications.

Find out more about the SMARTPLY MAX and other MEDITE SMARTPLY products with surprising uses in the interior fit out sector here:

exposed OSB in office
Exposed OSB