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Case Studies

Exposed SMARTPLY OSB creates warm atmosphere in Hanson Architects

Modern Office

Creating a simple, uncluttered, clean space with a utilitarian look and feel was the goal for the re-design of Hanson Architect’s Office space. Having first come across SMARTPLY OSB3 at a RIBA CPD Roadshow in 2017, the practice was impressed by the fact the panels are manufactured from renewable materials and had fewer issues with formaldehyde than standard OSB or MDF.

The Solution

So, when it came to the re-design of its own office and meeting room, Hanson wanted to make use of a material that reflected its own character and identity –SMARTPLY OSB provided the answer. With a reputation for creating uncomplicated and elegant spaces with a premium finish, its own space needed to echo that same design ethos.

Exposed SMARTPLY OSB3 panels were used throughout the design for both their visual impact and structural performance.

Writable wall
Modern Office
Modern Office

The Result

“We wanted to use a single material for the walls, floor and even the doors to create a seamless plane of OSB when the meeting room door was closed,” said Andrew Hanson, Director of Hanson Architects. “We included no door frames or metal handles to enhance that homogenous yet tasteful and functional impression.”

With outstanding environmental standards, SMARTPLY OSB3 panels are manufactured in an entirely sustainable way from timber sourced from well-managed, FSC® Certified forests. The panels provide both durability and formidable load-bearing qualities, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications such as flooring, wall sheathing and hoarding.

Traditional applications tend to be structural, but OSB3 can also give a real aesthetic impact when left exposed – as Hanson realised. Not only does SMARTPLY OSB give an appealing modern finish to interiors, but it can also help create healthier interior environments given that it is manufactured with zero-added formaldehyde.

Modern Office
Modern Office
Exposed OSB in office setting

Client Comment

“We like to use utilitarian materials in an unusual way,” continues Andrew. “While OSB is a familiar material for protection on a building site or as a wall lining, it’s not typically used as a finish for interiors.

“We found that the SMARTPLY OSB gave a warm, comfortable ambience to the meeting room. We also really liked the texture, colour and surface patterning of the wood strands. It’s a finish not seen on standard OSB panels. Overall, the OSB3 gave both a practical and fresh design as well as the desired structural and environmental performance standards. We’re delighted with the new space and the story it helps tell about ourpractice.”

Based in London’s Notting Hill, Hanson Architects works across a mix of private client and commercial projects. Among the schemes the firm has worked on are a school building constructed under a motorway, a Victorian warehouse conversion, several residential basements and a new house in Elie on the east coast of Scotland.

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Photography: Davide Saibene, Hanson Architects