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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME: ensuring the long life of exterior cladding

exterior cladding

A unique private residence near London Bridge has used the extreme durable MDF, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) to ensure the long life of its external cladding.

The house, which overlooks Leathermarket Gardens in Southwark, seems to want to be seen, as it casts a strikingly modern silhouette amongst the traditional brick buildings that surround it.

Its exterior is nearly completely covered with textured, modified woods, creating an industrial, contemporary aesthetic. To achieve this look and ensure it would last, architects Studio Partington specified the outward facing Kebony cladding be backed with MTX.

Developed in Norway, Kebony is a softwood that has been biologically treated to be resistant to rot and fungi and other wood-destroying microorganisms, in above-ground contexts.

MTX, a composite wood also treated to be weather- and decay-resistant, is guaranteed for up to 50 years outdoors and gives the Kebony posts the secure backing that ensures their lifespan for this project.

Venetia Harrison, Marketing Manager at Exterior Supplies, supplier of the wood products, explained:

“The two products used to give this house its unique texture complement each other perfectly.

“Holding the Kebony in place all over the house, 70 sheets of MTX are secured to the outer walls. Stained a steel grey, a sliver of MTX can be seen through the gaps between each Kebony post, which are painted a lighter shade, adding interest and depth.”

Studio Partington specified MTX after learning of the product through a CPD given by Exterior Supplies. “Our CPD aims to educate architects and other construction or landscape professionals about different wood options out there that may not have been explored for their projects,” said Venetia. “Through this, MTX was found to be the perfect option.”

Decorum London, sister company to Exterior Supplies, installed the cladding. Karl Harrison, Project Director, commented: “MTX is interestingly very dense but has no grain structure. This means it was easy to machine the panels into the right sizes and specifications for various areas on the house, and to create them all uniformly. The smooth consistency and flat finish helped the Kebony to be level and uniform from the outside.”

It was important to the client that the products used for the cladding would not only last, but also be sustainably produced, with no harmful substances used in their treatment against decay.

MTX is manufactured using FSC certified wood from sustainably managed forests in Ireland, ensuring a clear supply chain, while both woods are treated using biological and organic processes; factors important in striving to create safe, healthy environments both inside and out.


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