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Case Studies

Non-slip decking made from MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME at The Eden Project

Wood pathway

Gripsure® non-slip decking solutions have partnered with MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME to produce their latest product innovation, Gripsure Xtreme, which lines one of the walkways at The Eden Project, Cornwall.

The Solution

An extremely robust and durable non-slip solution that is suitable for a wide range of applications, Gripsure Xtreme provides a reliable way to ensure individual safety underfoot is met in a wide variety of contexts and construction projects.

Gripsure, the UK’s leading manufacturer of non-slip timber decking, chose MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME for their new non-slip coated panels given its exceptional durability and easy workability. The MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is coated with a highly abrasion-resistant aggregate which produces an extremely good grip. Not only is MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME sustainably sourced, but it also lends Gripsure Xtreme its fungal decay resistance qualities as well as an expected 50 years of in-service life.

The finished Grispure Xtreme has been used for a variety of projects including a walkway at The Eden Project, Cornwall and a non-slip bridge at Magdalen College School in Oxford. While The Eden Project’s walkway required a material that could withstand a tropical, humid and damp environment, Magdalen School’s outdoor bridge required a material to withstand the elements and the footfall of students crossing the bridge wearing studded sport boots. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME’s enhanced stability, strength and durability made it the ideal material for these applications, especially when combined with Gripsure’s extremely tough and long lasting aggregate.

The Result

Managing Director of Gripsure, Mike Nicholson, commented: “It’s been fantastic to work so closely with MEDITE SMARTPLY in the development of Grispure Xtreme. Combining the durability of MEDITE’s Innovative High Performance Wood Panel with our long lasting, abrasion-resistant aggregate, results in an end product of the highest standard and one that performs exceptionally well in terms of underfoot safety.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from our clients so far. Paul Stone, Garden Development Manager at the Eden Project, has been particularly complimentary about the integrity of the product, mentioning that the non-slip inserts had remained 100% in place since installation last winter despite the tough damp humid conditions.

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME’S wide variety of dimensions and thicknesses as well as its impressive ability to be cut and fashioned in to shapes and sizes of all varieties makes it suited to a great deal of different applications. It’s enhanced performance capacities help produce an extreme non-slip solution that we’re very proud of!”

Peter Clifton, Product Manager for MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, said: “It’s been a privilege to provide our innovative wood panelling to Gripsure who are the market leaders in non-slip timber decking.

“The Eden Project application was particularly challenging and a standard wood panel would simply not be able to cope with the wet and humid conditions. The fact that it has remained in the exact condition as it was when installed, and where other high quality treated timbers have failed, truly shows its worth.

“It’s great to see our product providing the perfect solution for such specialists in their field and we hope it continues to provide a reliable and sturdy anti-slip solution for projects in the future.

Wood pathway
Wooden path