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Case Studies

MEDITE PREMIER contributes to consistent quality for De Bolder Texel

For more than 30 years, De Bolder has been using MEDITE MDF

De Boulder and the Texel social team work together to focus on getting people fit for work or supporting those that actively want to go back into employment. Texel society work with residents over the age of 18 that have a disability or had a chronic illness that need support within employment. In doing so, they share knowledge and skills so that employees can grow and develop their skill sets with confidence and continued support. In addition to supporting these individuals, De Bolder also has its own wood saw and floor panel production department.

Every week three large trailers leave the De Bolder site, each of them is loaded to the brim with floorboards which form the even basis for subfloor systems. For Dutch floor specialists it is important the boards are of a high quality and these are a perfect match for this. Every year they make no less than 580,000 m2 of subfloor, which is the equivalent of covering more than 116 football fields.

Three decades

For more than 30 years, De Bolder has been using MEDITE MDF boards supplied by Trima Plaatmateralen to produce their subfloor systems. Jacco Mokveld, director of De Bolder, comments “We know from our own experience that MEDITE succeeds in delivering continuous high-quality panels. At first glance, the boards may seem like a simple product, but we need the guarantee that the MDF can be cut well and have a smooth surface, MEDITE panels achieve this."

Ron de Moel, sales manager at Trima comments:” During our partnership, we always focus on keeping our connections close, the consistent MEDITE quality has always been a decisive factor."

The subfloor systems De Bolder produce for their customers must have the same continuity and quality, both in terms of a smooth and even surface, but also in terms of processing and reliability. Mokveld: “Once a floor is in place, it must remain in place for years. You have to be able to trust the quality of the MDF panels you use, and we have that confidence in MEDITE.”


MEDITE can guarantee quality and consistency of their panels as the production process is in house, this fits well with the philosophy of De Boulder and Texel. “We also keep total control over the entire production process of the subfloor systems. As a result, we know exactly what we sell to our customers and what they can expect from our craftsmanship,” says Mokveld. De Bolder purchases their materials through Wooden panel specialists Trima.

“Every few years we conduct market research into new board materials,” says Mokveld. “Nevertheless, MEDITE always comes out as the best in our research and tests, both in terms of quality and price.” A surprising fact, he thinks. “MDF goes through many hands, from transport to shipment. The fact that we, as end users, can still be so satisfied, shows why we continue to work with MEDITE.”

Then you want to be able to blindly trust the MDF boards you use. And we find that confidence in MEDITE.”
MEDITE guarantees quality
“We know from our own experience that MEDITE succeeds in delivering continuous and high quality