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Fitting Out Safe, Healthy spaces with MEDITE SMARTPLY

  • 29.10.2020-
  • Tanya Pinto
OSB3 fit out office

Alert to the health risks of being in required proximity with others at work in office spaces, employees are seeking to feel safer at work when they eventually return. This means spaces may well face remodeling or become even more enclosed, catering to individual employees needs and comfort levels.

This is a crucial time to consider the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels in the products used to build partition walls and complete interior fit outs. Formaldehyde, a VOC, is a naturally occurring substance, found in all-natural things in very small amounts. Therefore, things made from natural materials like wood contain a small amount of formaldehyde which may be emitted into the air over time.

At MEDITE SMARTPLY, we have always sought to develop smarter, more innovative products to make your work easier and help you rise to meet whatever challenges come your way.

Just like our SMARTPLY OSB range, which contains no added formaldehyde as standard, and our specialist no added formaldehyde MDF products. Other MDF products created by MEDITE SMARTPLY are certified to meet CARB2 standard—the most stringent standard for monitoring VOCs in building products.

You can see all our interior products ideal for fit out and refurbishment applications, including SMARTPLY MAX OSB3, MEDITE CLEAR MDF, MEDITE FR CLEAR MDF and MEDITE MR MDF, to name a few, on our brand new website.